The Holmestead strives to find the best solution for your business or organization. We are your partner for improving your image in affordable, functional and eye-catching pieces. 

Everywhere you go there are screens with information and advertising. This source of advertising is growing in availabilty and popularity. At The Holmestead, we are able to create animated ads to catch attention and interest. The onscreen advertising shown to the right was created for the Aron Theatre. We have created onscreen ads (called OSAs) to display at Cobourg theatres, Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce and Hillside Medical Centre as well as the kiosks at Campbellford Memorial Hospital to name a few. Ask us how we can put you up on the big screen!

Do you need to get the word out there for your event, campaign, product launch or fundraiser? We can assist you in finding the solution that meets your budget and is the most effective bang for the buck. Whether it be a newspaper insert or unaddressed admail or a target mail campaign, we will work with you to give you pieces which convey the right message and get to the most recipients. The Holmestead developed the mailer shown to the right for a candidate in recent federal election. We also worked with a local business to create a series of inserts for a weekly newspaper shown above. Make an appointment and come in to talk to us about your project. 

The Holmestead has recently been able to hook clients up with the Lowes-Martin Group for unique and affordable displays. These displays are double-sided, bright and light-weight. They are made of corrugated board that is laminated and creased to collapse into a package no larger than a large pizza box! Pictured on the left is a display created and produced for McMillan Sports for sporting events and fair venues. Pictured to the right is the display recently produced for Campbellford Memorial Hospital for their recruitment campaign.


Effective marketing, professional appearance and security for yourclients your employees are your employees - embroidered and silk screened apparel make a statement. The Holmestead has assisted many businesses with personalized apparel. Below are the "sew outs" for but a few. Sew outs are the JPG files that demonstrate how a stitch filewill look. Thread colours can be changed for different coloured apparel easily and quickly. We also create our stitch files so they will work on hats, jackets and shirts as long as the embroidered area is the same size. Talk to us anytime regarding your ideas and we will help you work out an economical solution.


Pine Ridge Golf & Country Club was looking for a new image. Starting with a new logo which also had coordinating icons, Pine Ridge launched the new look at the beginning of the golf season. The wall lettering and Niblick's Lounge sign along with helping choose colours for the lounge redecoration were all accomplished with General Manager, Jason Masters. New Website and Facebook page were also established. Thank you to Grace Reid of Silvenwood for helping out so tremendously with the new logo and doing a fine restoration on the Website!


Safety is always a priority at any business. Dart Cup takes safety very seriously and engages staff to find ways to reinforce safety first. Working with Brenda Reigns, new signs were produced for the warehouse to remind staff about safety every day with pole wraps (bottom left), equipment magnets and markers indicating where emergency phones could be found. All the washroom mirrors were given a message to again remind staff who was ultimately responsible for their safety (below).







Menus should entice and encourage diners to order their fill.The meal offerings should be enhanced with appealing images, complete descriptions and pricing. Menus can be produced in a wide variety of formats. Speak with The Holmestead to find out which menu solution will work best to get your customers eating, and coming back for more. Signage, advertising and promotions, such as loyalty cards, should all maintain a restaurant’s logo and “look”. Distinctive branding will ensure you have not sent potential customers to the competition.



Logos, they are a business or products identifier. We love working with clients to develop new logos. Here are a few that are not already noted in this Website:



A picture is worth a thousand words, and an effective label will bring in more sales. Product labels should combine branding, contact information,‚Äč and effective imaging to make it easy for consumers to retain the label and purchase more of your product. Service providers also benefit from effective labeling on equipment or areas they service. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK PAGE ON YOUR LABELING!



Bagstuffers and bookmarks can be an inexpensive method of bringing customers back, or in for the first time, and announcing events! Bagstuffers do not simply have to offer savings, they can also announce new products or services. Cooperative arrangements with other businesses can encourage new customers. Bookmarks are an attractive way to describe upcoming events and activities for businesses, organizations and groups. Ask retailers, accommodations and tourist locations to display bookmarks for greater exposure. 



Vehicle lettering takes your company name on the road, announces you are out there working and visible wherever you go. Bright, contrasting imagery will catch attention and create interest. The Holmestead can design and set up the lettering. We take a picture of the vehicle and through the magic of our computers set up the lettering on the photo to make it easier for you to choose how you want it to look. Then we send the files to one of our partnering companies - BMR Mfg. or Fine Line Design - and they will take care of the rest!



Book it! The Holmestead specializes in making publications such as newsletters, programs, passports and catalogues picture perfect, as can be seen by clicking the thumbnails below. We will help your advertisers get the best looking ads that are functional to the piece in which they are advertising. Come in and see the before and after samples to understand how The Holmestead can make your booklets a beautiful thing. To see these publications complete and more from The Holmestead go to CLICK HERE