The Holmestead creates in-house vinyl lettering and signage of all varieties.

Vinyl lettering for corplast signs, metal signs, banners and vehicles is produced in-house. The Holmestead strives to keep branding consistent, attractive and legible. What good is your phone number on your truck if it is too small to be read?

We also produce flags - feather and teardrop. These are created with die-sublimation. Colours are bright and the movement of the flags in the breeze is eye-catching!

Recently Steve Redden of EP Exhaust installed a large CnC for cutting metal signs up to 3ft by 7ft in any design desired. Attractive, long-lasting signs metal can be worked with in so many ways - simply powder coat in the colour you want (also done locally), apply printed vinyl to add extra important details, or leave raw* for that vintage look.

*Be aware leaving the metal untouched will allow it to weather and corrode.

Get your vehicle lettering, building signage and so much more from The Holmestead. We also carry a-frames, other signage frames and step stands.

The Holmestead offers in-house services for fast, inexpensive solutions such as black & white paper banners, large format posters which can be mounted on foamcore, large format flip charts for presentations. We will work with you to find the right answer to your signage questions.

Our co-op student, Ciara Russell, learned all the processes doing large signs while doing 5 of these signs for the Warkworth Music Fest. 


Bridgewater Café decided to make it clear what they offer and who they were, with 3 signs at the front of the restaurant. See what you think...

Working with Steve Redden who cut the metal shapes, The Holmestead was able to produce these Salvation Army Shield signs that will last years when mounted on the exterior of the building. Thank you Rob Hardy. Great project.


Clients often come up with great ideas. The Holmestead loves helping them find a way to implement such as
this unique and eye-catching door lettering at Campbellford Free Methodist Church. 


The Holmestead was excited to update and freshen the signage and door lettering at Trent Hills Municipality office. The previous signage and lettering has faded and become illegible. Now it is bright and easy to see and read. Thank you to Fine Line Design for all your assistance!


There are metal signs...and then there are metal signs. This sign was commissioned as a client gift by one of our clients. Working with Steve Redden this unique 3ft wide metal sign was produced. So many applications for this type of signage!

Do you have an out-dated sign that needs updating? In so many instances, The Holmestead can re-invent your old sign for rebranding or a fresh look or any reason you may want to change. Theses signs all existed as one business name and needed to be changed to a new business name. 


Consistent Branding creates a familiarity with clients and visitors. The Warkworth Arts and Heritage Centre now has an exterior wall sign and sandwich board with the same visual as found on their postcards and banners.


Vehicle lettering is a mobile marketing for your business. The Holmestead is here to help you get the best from your vehicle lettering. With the assistance of Terry from Fine Line, Little's Welding Shop now has bright large lettering boasting the new logo developed by The Holmestead. 

Event Directional Signage should be bright and have consistent branding. The two shown here are Warkworth Fall Fair and Incredible Edibles Festival.


When updating signs to reflect updated information or just a fresh new look, The Holmestead can often work with existing frames. In this case, we also upgraded the sign materials to aluminum and replaced weathered end-caps. In these photos, the bush still needs to be trimmed, but clearly shown is the 'before', 'process' and 'after'. Thanks Lori for having The Holmestead work with you on this project.


Simplicity in your signs can be the correct approach as with these simple but effective signs for the Campbellford Farmers' Market. Coroplast with bright vinyl lettering. Made to last for the limited exposure to the weather - 2 days a week, 6 hours per day maximum & seasonal usage. Inexpensive, thought-through solutions! Thank you Jenny and Sandra for working on your new logo and signage with The Holmestead Team!


Working out the best solution for the client is always our The Holmestead goal. In the case of the For Sale sign below, a large sign was required for an industrial property. It had to be resistent to high winds, weather-proof, bright and attention catching. We arranged for Rob Herfst to create a frame and install at the property. Not only does this sign meet the client's requirements stated above, but we also made the sign useful beyond the sale of this property. The lettering regarding this property is vinyl cut letering that can be easily removed and replaced for the next property. Client was happy and sign is very visible in front of the proeprty from both directions.

Recently one of our clients discovered unique pop-up displays from the Lowes-Martin Group. These are bright, light-weight card board pop-ups. We can work with you to keep your branding consistent and message clear for trade shows, retail environments and much more.



Examples of the above type of display designed for our clients by The Holmestead.


Entrance Signs for Warkworth
The Village of Warkworth commissioned lovely entrance signs more than a decade ago. One restoration had been implemented several years ago and the signs were in need of maintenance. The Warkworth Business Association wanted the look and feel to be similar, but something more economical and that would last. The Holmestead took PDFs from the original concepts and created the 1-dimensional sign shown below with brighter colours on reflective vinyl. Soon all the entrance signs will be replaced. The Holmestead worked with Kim MacNeil and BMR to get the signs the Village wanted.

A-frames come in many sizes. Using vinyl that allows writing (Chalkboard and Dry Erase), the sign can still reflect the business logo, but allows flexible messaging that can change frequently and no cost. Flue Crew 32" x 48" a-frame allows large lettering to be easily seen from the passing vehicles. This particular sign allowed Rob high visibility when on a downtown street and now at his larger store on Grand Road.


Often clients find a unique product, but want the art to match their branding. They find themselves frustrated when the new suppliers struggle to keep the branding consistent. In the case of these 3 displays, we worked with the client's supplier and produced art to specifications and assisted client in proofing process. Client is delighted and the displays look great!




Launching a new product, Pacific Pure asked The Holmestead to come up with a logo for their new e-bike company. Our illustrator, Michael, came up with the logo and we continue to produce brochures, signage and labels for the this new, exciting offering.




Functional, attractive signage is easy and effective. Letting potential clients know how to reach you and what you accept for payment gets the job done easily. Make sure your image and message are clearly and loudly stated. Signage – both inside and outside your business - increase exposure and awareness. Your business image starts with your exterior and continues inside. Keep it fresh and attractive.

Art was developed by The Holmestead after reviewing the building location and the lay of the land - so to speak, then the files were sent to BMR for creating an alumnimum sign with reflective vinyl for easy night visual. The Simpsons installed the sign where it is easily visible form the street.




An inexpensive solution for tournament schedules and temporary signs is 20# large format output. Black & white is as little as 60¢/sq ft. Easy to write on and large enough for everyone to see. This is from the Percy Minor Hockey Ball Tournament!



Sandwich board signs are an easy way to let your customers know you are open and what you have to offer. Keeping them fresh and clean make them stand out against busy surroundings. The aframe on the right stands out in winter and summer for the Collection Co.


Make your A-frame signage versatile with chalkboard or dry erase vinyl, such as the Campbellford Community Resource Centre Sign to the left. Change your message as required. Coroplast A-frame inserts are durable, lightweight and perfect for sidewalk visibility.

Warkworth's high standard for the streetscape has been a favourite project for The Holmestead. Banners, sandwich boards, window lettering - keep it all consistent and bright. Welcome your customers with colourful messages and images they will recognize.



Directional Signage designed to complement any decor and assist visitors to locate the rooms or offices they want at Island Park Retirement Community.



Build interest with inexpensive announcement signs.

Creative touches and simple messages can be highly effective!




Event banners that can be used year after year. Long lasting vinyl with full colour print. Comes complete with hemmed edges and grommets.


The Holmestead offers AFIX displays which are attractive, lightweight and economical. Best of all, the banners are completely replaceable. Great for promotions and events. Pictured left is the curved display. There are also straight and window displays available.

Roll-up displays are great for events, trade shows and bringing attention to promotions and products in offices or retail spaces.