Brand It with The Holmestead

Your team wants a great brand identity – one that exemplifies your company’s best qualities and one that makes every customer want to purchase your products or services. An endless number of solutions exist to get your product, business or event out to customers, participants and visitors. The perfect solution(s) will have a clear message and consistent branding. The next step is to decide how to get the word out there. Have a budget in mind, and then sit down with us and we will explore the options that fit within your budget. Here are but a few of the many options to give you ideas and inspire you.

An easy option to having ads to turn around instantly to a publication, online or newsletters is to have an advertising resource such as what The Holmestead developed for Empire Cheese Co-op. 5 ads, 6 sizes, product photography and logo updates were all placed on CD to be easily picked up and emailed as required.


New events and established events that need a fresh new look are projects The Holmestead staff truly enjoy. In 2014, we had the pleasure of working with two great committees – The Incredible Edibles Festival and Campbellford Women's Weekend.


The INCREDIBLE EDIBLES FESTIVAL was new, and the input from the committee was fabulous, or perhaps "incredible". The logo was approved and supplied in formats to be used for print and Web. Materials were produced to promoted the brand and the event. We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2015!

CAMPBELLFORD WOMEN'S WEEKEND was re-invented with the focus on the Campbellford businesses. A new look/logo was created, with a new Facebook page, bagstuffers, posters, a teaser ad and full page spread for the newspaper were all created. The response from the business community and the visitor turnout were tremendous!


Puck's Restaurant was a new restaurant in the Keswick area. The Holmestead was asked by Margo of IMAGE ACTION PRINT to come in and help design a look for the restuarant using the owners' character, Puck. Evertyhing from menus, to inside and outside signage, business cards, Website and more were created and delivered in time for the opening.


had a logo, but needed the logo to be made into a printable format as well as marketing pieces which boasted the logoand the brand. The Holmestead did on-site photography, recreated the logo and produced a "file pocket folder" with inserts that described their amazing success story. New business cards and letterhead provided them with the tools to promote the brand.


Partnering print shop eCopy 'n' Print in Newmarket, The Holmstead was asked to create a look for eye-con Contracting Ltd. Business cards, pocket folders and letterhead were created.


When taking over the operation of a family hair salon, the new owner ask The Holmestead to create pieces that kept the branding created by their signage. Recreating the logo to be printable, was the first step to creating an easily recognizable brand for THE STYLE HOUSE.



A1 GLUTEN FREE GALS has a great product which needs to be announced loudly to the consumer and food service businesses so it will not be missed.

With bright signage and a new colourful logo/look, the A1 Gluten Free Gals are making a statement and being heard!


SHADES OF HOPE, a fledgling not-for-profit Animal Refuge required branding and all the printed pieces to reflect it.

The client provided a rastor logo which was redrawn as a vector file and we created business cards, greeting cards, letterhead, envelopes and charitable receipts.

The Holmestead also set up the Facebook page to provide a web presence while the website was developed by partnering company, Silvenwood.



When APOLLO'S RESTURANT, now APOLLO'S PIZZERIA moved to a beautiful new location, changed their name and changed their image, The Holmestead was there to help with creating a logo from the new signage, which is displayed on take-out menus, staff uniform shirts, door lettering, Facebook page, business cards and gift certificates.

The Holmestead, with the assistance of Glen Peterson (Cut ‘n’ Carve, Campbellford, ON), was also able to create a solution for accessible entrance signage.

MAKING LOGOS HIGH RESOLUTION - Often when a logo has been developed, it has to be redrawn in a printable format called vector – or EPS.

In the case of the ARON THEATRE the logo was provided as a JPG, redrawn, and all the printed materials are being freshened up to enhance and promote the branding established.


ADVERTISING - Should display your branding boldly.

We can help pull the elements together to make your advertising professional and consistent with the message you are establishing for your products or services.

The Holmestead proudly creates all the newspaper advertising for CAROLINE'S ORGANICS & FLORAL DESIGN using photography, creative license with the logo and inspiration from Caroline.

Working with Gwen at CAMPBELLFORD VETERINARY SERVICES is always a delight! We get to use our favourite furried friends as the star of the ads. 


CONSISTENCY CREATES RECOGNITION - Using consistent colours and visuals, event details are easily identified on posters, advertising signage, etc.

PERCY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY chooses a theme and then The Holmestead works to provide visuals to work with the theme. We have been doing this since 2009.

We did photography (model: Olivia Newman, Warkworth, ON) and created type treatment for the 2012 and 2013 Fair themes.


REBRANDING - St. Paul's United Church in Warkworth decided to re-brand the church.

Starting with a new logo, which was an illustrated image of the actual church, the other materials followed with the same colouring which was bright and positive. As the Church evolved into the next phase as an affirmed place of worship, The Holmestead was able to keep the branding easily recognizable but updated to reflect the new aspect of St. Paul's.


The Georgina Home Show 2012 was a show of The Holmestead work.

Banners and signs were created for a variety of businesses and organizations. The messaging of keeping your business “look” fresh, consistent and professional is clear with the samples displayed. New looks were developed and carried through with handout materials. As well, previously developed logos were printed on roll up banners and wide format banners to be displayed for visitors to the homeshow to recognize.