Embroidery and Silk Screening Services

The Holmestead offers embroidered and silk screened branded apparel. We purchase our own textiles which have been tested and proven to work with embroidery and/or silk screening processes. Headwear, jackets, shirts and more can be personalized with the logo for your company, team or organization. Staff can be easily recognized and what a great promotion for give-aways for fundraising golf tournaments!

Camo Wear seems to be quite the rage this season. Reflecting Water Retrievers wanted it all in hats, jackets and shirts. Awesome.


Groups often want shirts to identify them and make a statement. These shirts for CDHS Student Council had the school logo and student counil on the fronts, the wearers' name on the sleeve and their role in the council on the back. Bright red and gold on black, evwer-so-soft Eurospun tshirts.


Proclaim your business name or products! Let potential customers see you at work, and know it is you! No matter if you work on-site at your customers, or inside your own office or shop, make a clear statement about who you are. Here Lawn King Gardeners wanted to shorten up their existing logo and have jackets, shirts and hats to annouce the update. Working with Fern and Frank, we found the look they wanted and then using silk screen and embroidery, we were able to dress them in their new LKG apparel.



Here are just a few of the companies and
organizations we have worked with to create embroidered apparel.


Teams can often find sponsors to help pay for team apparel, such as Bio Sweep (shown on the left) and The Winehead Ladies (upper right) for their curling teams.



Marking milestones with personalized apparel for staff and clients is an excellent promotional tool.

This is how Dart Cup Canada, Campbellford celebrated their 30th Anniversary by giving staff jackets with a new 30 year logo.


What better way to have your organization recognized when out fundraising or educating than to have volunteers wearing apparel that boasts your organization's name. Volunteers appreciate having something that identifies them as well.
These lovely aprons were supplied by the client and The Holmestead created hot-press vinyl transfers to place on the aprons. Transfers are an alternative to embroidery and silk screening.

Is there a special event your group is hosting or promoting? 

What better way than bright shirts with the event's logo? The Holmestead created the logo shown on the shirts to the right and worked with McMillan Sports to have the shirts silk-screened printed for the event.



Service companies utilize personalized apparel to identify their staff when working at customers' locations. This gives customer a sense of comfort and keeps staff looking professional.



Great inexpensive give-aways are caps brandishing your company or product logo.

The Holmestead has a wide variety of caps to choose from including the trending Flex-Fit caps.